Regenerative Systems

The most promising field in the coming years of medicine will probably be Regenerative Medicine, this new therapeutic concept based on understanding the mechanisms of how the body renews tissues and organs throughout life.

As advanced therapy is an emerging field of biomedical science offering new opportunities to cover treatments of untreatable injuries and diseases, in addition to other pathologies subjects to therapeutic innovation and improvement.

It implies the study of physiological regeneration processes with biological, chemical and physical methods, as well as learning the cellular and molecular interactions in order to develop new strategies in diagnosis and therapy.

The purpose of Regenerative Medicine is to establish, rebuild and restore all normal functions prior to the injury, impairment or deterioration of the organ or tissue.

Tissue Engineering, medical technology which implements the related fundamentals of Regenerative Medicine that synergistically link medical sciences and engineering in an interdisciplinary attempt to achieve tissues and organs regeneration.
These approaches require essential collaborations between diverse disciplines, biology (cells, molecules), engineering (biomaterials), and medicine.

Regesys is a multi-institutional and teamwork initiative, target to develop cutting edge regenerative treatment and technologies in the so called “adult stem cells”, from beginning to end in a dynamic association between basic science and clinical translation.

Our programs are focused on promoting innovation in stem cell biology and its implication in tissue regeneration, to eventually translate into new human therapies.

Ongoing projects and Development

Musculoskeletal disorders & diseases:

          Osteoarticular system. Degenerative joint diseases (Osteoarthritis knee, hip & ankle).
          Bone injuries and pathologies.

Oral and maxillofacial injuries & defects.

Peripheral arterial disease.

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